Emergency Management

Mission Statement for Emergency Management (EM) Committee:

Public works agencies are the first responders that restore public infrastructure and safety while supporting fire and law enforcement operations during emergency responses.  Our committee’s purpose is to increase the readiness of public works professionals through emergency awareness, resource availability and continued training.

Goal of the EM Committee:

Provide emergency awareness, resources and training to public works professionals as added value to our APWA State Chapter membership.

EM Committee Contacts:
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Chair: Neil Crozier, Neil.Crosier@kingcounty.gov
Chair At-Large: Lawrence Eichhorn

TedXPortland - Earthquakes

Why we don't prepare for Earthquakes... (Video 10min)

2018 Training: Public Assistance / Preliminary Damage Assessment

Training Schedule & Locations - Also check the Calendar List for registration

FEMA Fact Sheet

2017 Emergency Preparedness Training Survey

The EM Committee solicited feedback in the form of a survey for future trainings both at the 2017 Fall Conference and from the larger membership through an online survey. 155 participants responded online and Jessica Bennett of Bellingham won the drawing for a Starbuck's Gift Card. 

Objectives in the 2016 – 2017 work plan as submitted by the APWA State EM Committee:

  • EM committee will meet via teleconference on a monthly basis to handle committee objectives and business throughout the work plan year.  Agendas, minutes and supporting documents will be produced as part of this objective.
  • EM committee will rebuild the committee web page on the APWA WA State Chapter website.  The following information will be provided on the website:
    • Establish the EM committee website to include mission, goals, objectives and committee member contact information.
    • Provide forms, documents and template resources to/from other agencies.
    • Provide web based links to EM related resources and training.
    • Links to magazine articles related to EM.
      • EM committee will solicit a call for quality technical sessions for the fall 2016 and spring 2017 APWA WA State Chapter conferences.  These sessions will be submitted for consideration for support of an EM track at each of these conferences.
      • The EM committee is planning to hold an annual workshop training event in late 2016 or early 2017.  The topic and location is yet to be determined.  This will be an annual event open to APWA WA State Chapter members.
      • The committee has established multiple objectives surrounding the Cascadia Rising 2016 multi-jurisdictional exercise taking place in June 2016.
    • Multiple County PW director’s roundtables will take place to discuss catastrophic planning.  Focus of the initial meeting will center on awareness of the Cascadia Rising 2016 exercise.  The committee will review and identify potential deliverables that can be provided to local counties and municipal agencies.  Meeting agenda and minutes will capture these opportunities.
    • A post Cascadia Rising 2016 director’s roundtable will take place to discuss after action reviews from the exercise.  Additional deliverables will be identified at this event.  Meeting agenda and minutes will capture these opportunities.
    • The goal of the EM committee is to act on this potential deliverables.
    • The committee will participate and sponsor various Critical Transportation (core capability being tested) ramp up sessions in preparation for the Cascadia Rising 2016 exercise being provided by the Critical Transportation subcommittee.
      • The WA state EM committee is interested in being represented on a subcommittee of the APWA National EM Committee starting in 2016.
      • The committee membership is encouraged to solicit or submit articles for consideration to be published in the APWA reporter magazine.
      • Long term objective – Establish a WA State, Level 3, Incident Management Team that could be established, activated and deployed to support catastrophic events or other situations when the incident command system has been activated.

Emergency Management Web Links:



WA State Emergency Management Division Training Calendar

FEMA Region X Training Calendar

FEMA Emergency Management Institute


Washington Emergency Management Division Homepage

Washington Emergency Management Division (Preparedness)

Washington Emergency Management Division (Disaster Assistance)

Magazine Articles:

County and Municipals Based Resources:

In Development

    Total Member : 13
  • Mr. Kirk S. Holmes
  • Mr. Brian M. Loos
  • Ms. Gloria Van Spanckeren
  • Mr. David A. Walde
  • Mr. Mike Paul
  • Mr. Jeff Brauns, PE
  • Mr. Scott Rood, CAFM,MBA
  • Mr. Grant Moen, P Eng
  • Mr. Michael A. Lewis
  • Mr. Ken Clements
  • David Brown
  • Mr. George T. Lackey
  • Mr. Jeff Fowler, PE

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