Mission Statement

Consistent with the APWA Washington Chapter mission of contributing to a sustainable quality of life, this committee will promote the concept of sustainability and provide public agencies and their consultants with information needed to develop and achieve sustainability goals.

We are seeking new members, please contact us if you are interested in learning more! 

Chair: Bruce Erikson,

Meeting Notices

Committee meetings are typically held as conference calls, which are usually scheduled for Fridays at noon. Please contact the committee chair, if you are interested in participating in a conference call or joining the committee.

We encourage any interested APWA members to come and learn about our current activities and offer suggestions for our committee.

APWA's Center for Sustainability Resources

Center for Sustainability (C4S) has developed a list of guiding principles to help public works leaders identify actions they can take to integrate sustainability into their organizational objectives and operations.

C4S Sustainability Brochure

C4S Toolkit (tactical tools for everything sustainable)

    Total Member : 5
  • Mr. Bruce V. Erickson
  • Ms. Amanda Schweickert
  • Mr. Jim Rioux
  • Mr. Dwight E. Miller, PE
  • Mr. Patrick E. Skillings
2018-2019_Year End Report-Sustainability.docx 2018-2019_Year End Report-Sustainability.docx
2017-2018_Annual Work Plan-Sustainability .docx 2017-2018_Annual Work Plan-Sustainability .docx

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