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The mission of the PREFOG Sub-Committee is to develop a regional approach for the reduction, elimination, and prevention of fats, oils, and grease in our wastewater system.

PREFOG Strategic Planning - Posted is a planning draft for members to review and prepare to discuss for the next meeting in October. These planning items were developed by the team of folks who committed at the last meeting to work on a draft action plan for PREFOG members. We hope you will review it and then the group can formalize the plan and make actions happen! Congrats to PREFOG for the excellent start and much thanks to Tom Cash for his work putting the notes and feedback together. Excellent format, Tom! Thank you.

Meetings and News Bulletins

New from the City of Vancouver

Treatability and Impacts of gDiaper™ Disposable Diapers within Municipal Sewer and Wastewater Systems


See the Outreach/Education/Articles section below for hot off the press news on wipes!

New Legislation from New York City on Flushable Products
Legislation Details

Dr. Oz Features "Flushable" Wipes on His 9/9/14 Show

Part 1

Part 2

"Can't Flush This" Flyers Available  

Bobbi Wallace (City of Kirkland) has "Can't Flush This" flyers to share! The flyers are available in English and in Spanish and you can change the utilities logo. You can download them inPDF, English and Spanish.

In-Sewer Test for Wipes

Frank Dick (City of Vancouver) and Rob Villee (Plainfield Area Regional Sewerage, New Jersey) tested out several "flushable" wipes. Contact Frank Dick if you're interested in reading about his findings,

Have You Seen Me? 

Flushable wipes mailed to residents: is anyone else seeing these free wipes being sent out in the mail? Yikes... and the packaging specifically says “FLUSHABLE.” If anyone has had these sent out in their service areas, please let Frank Dick know!

Links and Resources

2013 Northwest FOG Forum

FOG 101: Basics of Fats, Oils, and Grease Management

Opportunities and Challenges in 21st Century Fats, Oils, and Grease Management

FOG One Year Notice Letter

FOG Agreement

If it’s a Grease Interceptor then why not size by grease production?

Clear the FOG

Grease Interception in the Plumbing Code

Developing and Executing FOG Stakeholder Education and Training Programs

One Shoe Size Does Not Fit All: Population Density and Food Choices Are Driving Change

Clear the FOG: A Resource Guide for the Inspector

A Guide to Restaurant Grease Management, A Regulator’s Desk Reference 

Plumbing & Drainage Institute

Grease Trap

Washington Wastewater Collection Personnel Association Study Resources

Preferred Pumper Program

King County Industrial Waste Program


 (The Daily Telegraph)

Resource Materials

Here are two Seattle Public Utilities Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) outreach and education flyer examples.
These are examples that other agencies are also distributing in our Westside region to sewer customers. This is a joint education/outreach campaign for fighting and reducing our FOG problems in sewers (Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, and Lynnwood are current participating cities).

I & I Data Collected
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    Total Member : 10
  • Ms. Tracy Martin
  • Mr. Bob Bandarra
  • Mr. Patrick Brodin
  • Mr. Dennis Graham
  • Mr. David M. Holt
  • Ms. Julie A. Howell, PE
  • Mr. Pat Osborne
  • Mr. Terry Smith
  • Mr. Ted Stonebridge
  • Ms. Bobbi Wallace

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