Government Affairs

Mission Statement

To provide resources to our APWA membership regarding local, state, and national rules and legislation that affect public works.

Government Affairs Committee Chairs

Jim Rioux (360-570-8484)

Scott Sawyer (360-352-1465)

Contact information for chairs and committee members can also be found by clicking on member names in the column to the right.


The Government Affairs committee usually meets twice before the legislative session, once in September and once in December.

During the legislative session there is a weekly Conference Call with the APWA lobbyist Mike Shaw to discuss ongoing legislative activity. 

If you would like to know more about the meetings please contact the chairs.

Work Plan

A summary of the 2017-2018 Annual work plan is as follows:

  • Partner with Association of General Contractors (AGC) and others to craft language for claims procedures legislation  (reference 2017 SB 5788)
  • Update Legislative Agenda in Fall.
  • Begin weekly conference calls in January at the start of session.
  • Monitor draft legislation throughout the session and marshal resources as appropriate in support or opposition.
  • Provide input to the Legislative Update meeting at the semi-annually conference meeting (by Mike Shaw).

The full work plan can be found here.

Legislative Agenda

2017 Legislative Agenda

Links and Resources

Federal, State, and Local Government

APWA Resources
Associations, Organizations, and Information Sources

    Total Member : 24
  • Mr. Peter DeBoldt, PE
  • Mr. Scott Egger
  • Mr. Scott Sawyer, PE
  • Mr. Jim Rioux
  • Ms. Jennifer Ann Barnes, PE
  • Ms. Katherine L. Brooks, PWM
  • Ms. Crystal Donner, PE
  • Mr. Henry H. Haselton, PE, PMP
  • Ms. Katherine E. Miller
  • Mr. Mick Monken
  • Mr. Craig M. Olson, PE
  • Ms. Theresa L. Parsons
  • Mr. Gary A. Rowe, PE
  • Mr. Brian J. Ziegler, PE
  • Mrs. Cathy McKay
  • Mrs. Kathleen B. Davis
  • Mr. Daniel L. McReynolds, PE
  • Mike Purdy
  • Dave Catterson
  • Mike Shaw
  • Alison Hellberg
  • Kathy Robertson
  • Mr. Frederic Carter Brown
  • Leeann Snyder

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