Update Your Account

Why have an online account?

The National APWA keeps the record of your online account information for the WA Chapter. Note you do not have to be a member to have an online account. Keeping your information up to date allows you to:


  • Have uninterrupted access to APWA subscriptions and emails.
  • Allows other APWA members access to your contact information. You can look up other members information on the website at Membership > Member Directory. Note you must be logged into the website to have access to this information.  *(Your information will only be listed if you are a member.)
  • Allows your information to be linked with a committee page.


How do I update my account information?

Check your membership information status and update your record by signing into the APWA National website at www.apwa.net and editing your account information.


How do I access my account if I misplaced my account information?

If you’ve been tasked to update another members' information or you've misplaced your credentials, contact membership@apwa.net and our Membership Specialists will process the change (and copy the member on the message so they know it’s being handled).


How do I create a brand new online account?

Go to the APWA National website to create a new account:  http://www.apwa.net/MyApwa/DuplicateCheck.aspx?returnprev=t&returnurl=%2f  


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