Your Online Account

Your Online Account

(Note Your Online Account is not the same as your Membership. For Membership changes, please contact National directly, memberservices@APWA.NET.)

Why have an online account?

The National APWA keeps the record of your online account information for the WA Chapter. Note you do not have to be a member to have an online account. Keeping your information up to date allows you to:

  • Have uninterrupted access to APWA subscriptions and emails.
  • Allows other APWA members access to your contact information. You can look up other members information on the website at Membership > Member Directory. Note you must be logged into the website to have access to this information.  *(Your information will only be listed if you are a member.)
  • Allows your information to be linked with a committee page.

>> Screenshots - How to Log-in and Managing Your Account Preferences

Can I have an online account without being a member?

Yes you can have an online account without being a member of APWA.

How do I update my account information?

Check your membership information status and update your record by signing into the APWA National website at and editing your account information.

How do I access my account if I misplaced my account information?

If you’ve been tasked to update another members' information or you've misplaced your credentials, contact  memberservices@APWA.NET and National's Membership Specialists will process the change (and copy the member on the message so they know it’s being handled). You can also use National's automated system by going to the website clicking on the Sign In button at the top, then following the prompts for "Forgot Username?" "Forgot Password?". 

How do I create a brand new online account?

Go to the APWA National website to create a new account:  


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