Lifetime Members

Members can meet any ONE of the following requirements to be eligible for Lifetime Membership:

          a.  Continuous membership for 30 years

          b.  Continuous membership for 20 years AND the member is now age 70

          c.  Continuous membership for 20 years, AND the member is now age 65+ 
               and fully retired from active service for which compensation is received.

         d.  It is also possible for any individual who has been a member continuously for 10 years
              to be designated a Lifetime Member by special action of the Board of Directors in recognition
              of outstanding service to the WA Chapter.

Robert J. Alberts 
Ralph W. Anderson 
Richard G. Andrews 
Steven W. Becken 
Victor H. Bishop 
Brad Blegen 
Gregory G. Botch, PE 
Robert C. Boudinot, Jr 
Robert Brock, (retired), PE 
Bernard J. Christensen 
Richard E. Cobb, PE 
Eric R. Cutbirth 
Clark M. Douglas 
Paul A. Dour 
Victor Ehrlich 
Franchot L. Fenske 
Fred French 
Ernest Geissler 
Warren C. Gonnason 
Alexander Grieve 
Gerald M. Hendricks, PE 
Edwin R. Henken 
Charles J. Henry, Jr 
Richard C. Houghton 
Ralph Y. Iboshi 
Douglas J. Jacobson, PE 
Norman G. Jacobson, Jr 
Allan L. Kimbel 
Alan O. King, PE 
C. Richard Kuykendall 
Dave G. Lorenzen 
Kenneth W. Martig, Jr 
Ms. Gwenn L. Maxfield, MBA

Ronald H. Merila 
Mel Miracle 
Donald Monaghan 
Richard R. Morgan 
Jerome Morrissette 
Craig M. Olson, PE 
James P. Olson 
John Ostrowski 
Richard L. Perteet, PE 
Lynn R. Price 
William L. Pugh, PE 
Walter G. Ramsey 
David A. Rhodes 
Jan E. Rosholt, PE 
Bertram L. Ross 
Dr. Ronald L. Rossmiller 
Walter W. Saxton 
Duane L. Scroggins 
Marv Seabrands 
Jim R. Smith 
Larry Southwick 
Kenneth C. Stone 
Tom Thetford 
John O. Trent 
Merrill Vesper 
Richard E. Warren 
Robert O. Watkins 
Jeffrey A. Webber, (retired) 
Don E. Wickstrom 
James D. Wiley 
John A. Woodworth 
Glen A. Yake


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