Mission Statement

We stand as a catalyst for change by developing educational opportunities to foster understanding, awareness, and involvement.

From a human perspective diversity includes:
Race*gender*creed*age*lifestyle*national origin*disability*personality*educational background*processing style*thinking style*energy level*assertiveness level*weight and height*values*political views*marital status*goals & ambitions*likes & dislikes*social status*income level*tenure within an organization*level of position within an organization*geographic origin*management vs. union*rural vs. urban*etc.

Learn more about the Diversity Committee - download the Program Brochure.

Contact Information

Chair: Ms. Kandace K. Thomas, kthoma2@co.pierce.wa.us, 253.798.4205 

Meeting Notices

Diversity Committee meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month:

October meeting TBD at the Fall APWA Conference

Meeting location will be at the Pierce County conference room:

Tacoma Mall Office Building 
4301 South Pine Street
Tacoma, WA 98409

Call-in information will be made available prior to each meeting; please contact Kandace Thomas (see members list for contact information)

News Bulletins

2018 Canoe Journey

Canoe Journey 2018 kicked off July 28 with the landing of the canoes and will continue through Saturday, Aug. 4 when the Puyallup Tribe "takes the floor."

Protocol, the opportunity for canoe families to share their songs, dances, give gifts, recognize individuals and just have fun, has begun and we are halfway through this awesome celebration.  There are 57 tribes or canoe families signed up to 'take the floor'.

For those of you interested or are unable to make it to the canoe journey celebrations, you can take a glimpse of what takes place at this awe inspiring event at 2018 Canoe Journey.

2018 Power Paddle flyer

Sarah Colleen Sotomish, Tribal Relations Manager

    Total Member : 21
  • Ms. Kandace K. Thomas, PWS
  • Mr. Medicine Bear Lone Warrior
  • Ms. Rosie T. Strom
  • Karen Guillermo
  • Mr. Jeremy A. Ferguson
  • Mrs. Caroline E. Barlow
  • Mrs. Lauren J. Behm
  • Ms. Anna M. Bremmer, LEED AP
  • Ms. Maylin D. Clark
  • Mr. William W. Critz, PE
  • Mrs. Shannon M. Lambert, PE
  • Maryam Lynch-Tate
  • Ms. Anne-Marie Marshall-Dody, PWM
  • Mrs. Cynthia Ann McClelland, MS
  • Mrs. Cathy McKay
  • Mr. Matt Nienhuis
  • Mr. Jan E. Rosholt, PE, PWLF
  • Ms. Peg R. Staeheli, ASLA, LEED AP
  • Mr. Kenneth Patrick Witt
  • Ms. Thanh Jeffers
  • Ms. Anthea M. Aasen

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