Mission Statement

We stand as a catalyst for change by developing educational opportunities to foster understanding, awareness, and involvement.

From a human perspective diversity includes:
Race*gender*creed*age*lifestyle*national origin*disability*personality*educational background*processing style*thinking style*energy level*assertiveness level*weight and height*values*political views*marital status*goals & ambitions*likes & dislikes*social status*income level*tenure within an organization*level of position within an organization*geographic origin*management vs. union*rural vs. urban*etc.

Contact Information

Chair: Mr. Joshua Cheatham, Perteet, 206.436.0515, joshua.cheatham@perteet.com

Meeting Notices

Diversity Committee Meeting - Teleconference  July 22, 2019 Meeting Minutes

The APWA Washington Chapter Diversity Committee meetings are held via teleconference the Third Monday of each month at 10:00am, unless otherwise noted.

A call-in number will be sent to committee members prior to the scheduled meetings.

Chair: Joshua Cheatham
Co-Chair: Michael Hale
Treasurer: Anthea Aasen
Secretary: Denita Harden-Patton

Most Recent Meeting Notes


Panel Presentations


    Total Member : 24
  • Mr. Joshua Cheatham
  • Mr. R Michael Hale
  • Ms. Anthea M. Aasen
  • Ms. Denita Harden-Patton
  • Ms. Rosie T. Strom
  • Mrs. Lauren J. Behm
  • Mr. Jeremy A. Ferguson
  • Ms. Kandace K. Thomas, CPWP-S
  • Mrs. Caroline E. Barlow
  • Mr. Medicine Bear Lone Warrior
  • Ms. Anna M. Bremmer, LEED AP
  • Ms. Anne-Marie Marshall-Dody, PWM
  • Mrs. Cathy McKay
  • Mr. Jan E. Rosholt, PE, PWLF
  • Ms. Peg R. Staeheli, ASLA, LEED AP
  • Mrs. Cynthia Ann McClelland, MS
  • Ms. Maylin D. Clark
  • Mr. Matt Nienhuis
  • Karen Guillermo
  • Mr. William W. Critz, PE
  • Mrs. Shannon M. Lambert, PE
  • Maryam Lynch-Tate
  • Mr. Kenneth Patrick Witt
  • Ms. Thanh Jeffers

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