Asset Management

Asset Management is a strategy used to meet a required level of service, in the most cost-effective manner through the management of assets for present and future customers.


Asset Mgmt Brown Bag Lunch
May 22, 2018, City of Seatac

Agenda and How to Register

May Brown Bag.docx May Brown Bag.docx 



Workshop - December 6, 2017, Spokane County Fairgrounds

    Total Member : 28
  • Mr. Toby D. Rickman, PE, PWLF
  • Mr. Bryan A. Chappell
  • Mr. James Coffman, PWLF
  • Ms. Carolyn Heniges
  • Ms. Elaine Joann Huber, PE
  • Mr. Michael R. Isun
  • Mr. Eric C. Johnston, PE
  • Mr. Jonathan M. Kulju, PMP
  • Mr. Evan Mann
  • Darrin Farmer
  • Jon Kulju
  • Vito Iacobazzi
  • Doug Sawyer
  • Mr. Andy Tuchscherer
  • Ms. Susan A. Wilson
  • Lei Wu
  • Ms. Renee A. Opatz
  • Mr. Ryan Nolet, GISP
  • Ms. Cheryl Paston, PE
  • Mr. Justin W. Clark
  • Arnab Bhowmick
  • Jay Krauss
  • Mr. Juston David Manville, GISP
  • Ms. Carol P. Kaszynski
  • Ms. Judith R. Isaac
  • Mr. Daniel T. Henninger
  • Mr. Todd A. Lamphere
  • Mr. Frederic Carter Brown

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