Asset Management

Mission Statement

Educate, enable, and increase awareness on tools, technologies, best practices, and industry standards among the local government and consulting community related to public works maintenance and operations.

Asset Management

In the last few years Asset Management systems have transformed from a luxury to a necessity. During the pandemic Asset Management tools took another leap forward with "lessons learned" in order to provide continuous citizen services; it was imperative that  the right tools, technologies, business processes, and best practices are provided to our operations & maintenance staff.

As the economy reopens and many pending projects will kick-off, the Asset Management Committee is preparing to gear you up through a series of webinars and in-person workshops on the latest and greatest trends and information. Format will be online and in-person (as permitted). More details to follow, see the Chapter's Calendar List and our Training page.


  • Arnab Bhowmick,, 425.245.3569 (call or text)
  • Follow Arnab on Twitter @ArnabBhowmick18



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Please contact Arnab Bhowmick, Asset Management,
(425.245.3569, if you are interested in presenting,
or attending workshops / webinars.


    Total Member : 29
  • Mr. Toby D. Rickman, PE, PWLF
  • Mr. Bryan Chappell
  • Mr. James Coffman, PWLF
  • Ms. Carolyn Heniges
  • Ms. Elaine Joann Huber, PE
  • Mr. Michael R. Isun
  • Mr. Eric C. Johnston, PE
  • Mr. Jonathan M. Kulju, PMP
  • Mr. Evan Mann
  • Darrin Farmer
  • Jon Kulju
  • Vito Iacobazzi
  • Mr. Doug Sawyer
  • Mr. Andy Tuchscherer
  • Ms. Susan A. Wilson
  • Lei Wu
  • Ms. Renee A. Opatz
  • Mr. Ryan Nolet, GISP
  • Ms. Cheryl Paston, PE
  • Mr. Justin W. Clark
  • Mr. Juston David Manville, GISP
  • Ms. Carol P. Kaszynski
  • Ms. Judith R. Isaac
  • Mr. Daniel T. Henninger
  • Mr. Todd A. Lamphere
  • Mr. Frederic Carter Brown
  • Brenda Vance
  • Ms. Kelley Ernsdorff
  • Mike Schug

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