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The Contract Administration Education Committee of APWA has been producing quality education since 2001. Our certificate program has been re-named as the CAEC Professional Certificate Program. CAEC Pro offers four levels of achievement: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

For members of APWA, CAEC Committee offered workshops are free, and non-members will be charged a nominal fee of $30 to help offset costs and continue to provide top-quality, responsive workshops.

As usual, additional CAEC workshops offered by our educational partner, MRSC will have varying fees in accordance with the level of effort needed to produce the workshop. Attending any workshop, either directly from the CAEC committee or from MRSC, will earn credit hours toward your Certificate of Achievement.


Due to COVID-19 CAEC training will be online in the form of webinars until further notice.

Webinars are developed and instructors and recruited by the CAEC. Webinars are 1 – 2 hours with a break included if appropriate. Public Works webinars offered by our educational partner MRSC will also qualify for CAEC certificate credits. 

Contact Ronda Syverson, City of Camas, at or (360) 817-7256 with any certificate-related questions.

2022 Schedule

Registration opens one month prior to the start date for each individual class. To register and/or for the complete schedule, workshop locations, and additional information about upcoming CAEC trainings please view the Calendar List. If you are planning a year out, sessions are typically held in the same months but topics rotate. 

  • February 23, 2022
    Charging Ahead - Electrifying Public Transportation

  • May, 2022
    Job Order Contracting
    Join us for a discussion about Job Order Contracting:  What is JOC? How is JOC used? Who can use JOC? What are the benefits and potential challenges? And a review of the laws surrounding JOC from people who use it.  
  • September, 2022  
    Electronic Bidding Panel Discussion
    Hear from three agencies who are in various stages of preparation for or implementation of online, electronic formats for public works bidding in the post-COVID environment.
  • December, 2022
    Project ManagementProject management is a skill we all do from planning a birthday party to buying a car. Most of the time we don't create a project plan, however in public works we have to track many tasks and good project management is an approach to be able to manage all these tasks. From the initiation of the tasks or events to the successful close, there is a process that allows you to set up to monitor each step and get to the desired outcome. This class gives an approach that covers best practices and helps explain how to leverage available tools to have successful projects.


To track your training hours view the Training Database.


Qualifications to earn a certificate will be based upon attendance at workshops sponsored or sanctioned by the CAEC. Candidates will receive credits equal to the hours spent in workshop attendance, receiving, for example, 3 hours of credit for a 3-hour workshop. A minimum of 30 training hours is required to earn a certificate. Certificates of Achievement will be issued as follows:

  • Bronze Level = 30 credit hours
  • Silver Level = 60 credit hours
  • Gold Level = 90 credit hours
  • Platinum Level = 120 credit hours

Successful candidates will receive an official certificate and a letter of completion for their personnel file. While not requirement, individuals are encouraged to continue to attend 5 to 10 hours of public works contracting training annually.


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