Marketing and Public Works Outreach Committee

Mission Statement

The Marketing & Public Works Outreach Committee will work in conjunction with other APWA-WA chapter committees and partner with other Washington associations to increase membership and participation in APWA-WA, boost public awareness of public works, and encourage public works careers. The Committee will also work with National APWA leaders and other state committee chairs to draw upon the best public works outreach efforts in the nation.

Contact Information

Marketing and Public Works Outreach Committee Members support the efforts of the chapter and committees with  marketing and outreach needs. If you belong to a committee and would like support from members of this group, please email the Committee Chair, listed belowor any other member of the committee!  Their contact information is available by clicking on their name in the box shown on the right.


The Marketing and Public Works Outreach Committee meets via teleconference on the fourth Wednesday of the month, generally in the morning.  Meetings are scheduled for thirty minutes or longer based on content. An agenda is prepared and meeting minutes are published below. The Marketing Committee acts as a liaison to other committees in need of marketing assistance as well as providing marketing an public outreach for the Chapter as a whole.

Marketing Chair

Grace Richardson, David Evans and Associates, Inc., (425) 405-1474,

Goals and Work Plan

The following goals and objectives will be the focus of this committee during the 2017-2019 time frame:

  • Increase Membership Engagement (working with the Membership Committee)
  • Support WA State Public Works Magazine
  • Develop Chapter Photo Galleries Management Plan - DONE
  • Assist Committees with Marketing and Public Works Outreach
  • Update MPWO Committee Mission Statement to reflect current focus

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    Total Member : 5
  • Ms. Amy Cloud, MA
  • Mrs. Grace D. Richardson
  • Sherry Leigh
  • Alain Calle
  • Mr. Sam B. Ottow
2017MayAPWAgenda.docx 2017MayAPWAgenda.docx
2016-2017YearEndReport_Marketing(1).docx 2016-2017YearEndReport_Marketing(1).docx
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2017FebAPWAgendaMinutes(1).docx 2017FebAPWAgendaMinutes(1).docx
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2017JuneAPWAgendaMinutes(1).docx 2017JuneAPWAgendaMinutes(1).docx
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