APWA Washington
 Mentorship Program

Mission Statement

Fostering opportunities for connection, networking, and professional development and promoting a culture of diversity and open dialogue through facilitation of a Mentorship Program for the APWA Washington Chapter

Program Goals

  • Facilitate mentoring relationships through which participants learn from each other by sharing experiences and insights
  • Promote professional development
  • Increase transfer of institutional knowledge to support the industry through workforce changes
  • Promote a sense of community within the Chapter between professionals of varying experience and backgrounds
  • Promote a culture of diversity and open dialogue


Applications will open in June 2023
Check back here for the application link. Applications will be due by end of July 2023 for inaugural APWA Washington Mentorship Program. Mentees are not required to be APWA members, please share with your colleagues.

For more information, Program Guidelines can be downloaded here:

APWA WA Mentorship Program Guidelines


    The APWA WA Mentorship Program will be an annual nine-month program from September to June. 

    General program timeline is as follows:

    • June: Applications Released
    • July: Applications Due
    • August: Mentor/ Mentee matches notified
    • The program will include three events hosted by the Mentorship Committee:
      • September: Program Kickoff Meeting
      • February: Mid-year Professional Development Check-in
      • June: Program Closing Event


    Can I continue my relationship with the Mentor/Mentee?

    If a mentor/mentee pairing mutually agree they would like to continue their mentoring relationship they are welcomed to. This would be taken on by the pairing themselves and would be outside the APWA mentorship committee program.

    How often are mentor/ mentee pairs expected to meet?

    There is no set requirement though it is recommended that pairs meet at least once per month to establish a meaningful and worthwhile mentoring relationship. During their initial meeting it is recommended that pairs establish meeting frequency and communication methods and expectations.

    How do I seek support from the Mentorship Committee if issues arise?

    A Committee Liaison will be assigned to each mentor/ mentee pair. Either the mentor or mentee can reach out to the Committee Liaison at any time with questions or to seek support and/or mediation from the Mentorship Committee.

    Can I participate in the mentorship program more than one year?

    Yes! Participants may submit a new application for future Mentorship Program cycles to be paired up with a new Mentor or Mentee.

    Do I need to be an APWA Member to participate in the program?

    Mentors are required to be an APWA Member. Mentees are strongly encouraged to have or sign up for an APWA membership.

    The Mentorship Program is just one of the many ways APWA strives to provide valuable opportunities for connection and professional development in the Public Works industry. Your membership gives you access to the many resources APWA has to offer and helps APWA to sustain and grow these efforts.

    Connect! Meeting Information & Communications Sign-up

    The Committee meets virtually bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 4:00pm.To join the Committee, sign-up for our communications, or to request the meeting link, please contact the Committee Chair.

    Chair Contact Information 

    For questions or to learn more about getting involved, please contact the Committee Chair: 

    Alyssa Ardourel,, 206.498.5291

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