2021 Scholarship Recipients


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Thank you to the generous donors of the WA Chapter that fund the higher education scholarships. Our main fundraisers are the Spring and Fall golf tournaments. Spring 2021 was snowed out but thanks to the generous donations: 

Donated Green Fees Raised: $4,300!

SCJ Alliance, Perteet, LMK Technologies, KPG PSOMAS, KBA, BHC Consultants, Austin Jordan, Tensar, KPFF, Alderwood Water and Wastewater District
Neenah Enterprises

Donated Raffle Prizes Raised: $2,160!

WSP, Landau, KPFF, Shannon and Wilson, City of Monroe

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Jack Pittis Memorial Scholarship (4-year college / university)
Amount Awarded: $7,500

Hilda 2021 Scholarship Winner

Hilda Pacheco Garcia
University of Washington

A Senior at the University of Washington, Hilda is a civil engineering student who intends to focus on stormwater post-graduation. She has explored her interest with the student chapter of the American Water Works Association, where she served as chapter president and working in the traffic division at the City of Kenmore. She is excited to inspire other Latina and women of color to study engineering and is a first-generation DACA student.

When asked about her choice of degree, Hilda spoke about her desire to help with water access and purity.

“One of the main reasons I picked civil-environmental engineering was because I believe we have a chance at changing the course of our future. Most believe what waits ahead of us is a grim reality, but if we act now, I know we can cause instrumental positive influence on our future. Working in Public Works is one of the best ways to create change at a local level. As a stormwater engineer I intend to work on finding an effective and low-cost method of conserving our water supply, by finding ways to cut down on waste and inefficiencies. I hope to work with cities on implementing outreach communications in order to inform citizens of why these changes are so important. I truly believe that education and knowledge on such topics are important fostering change within each household, community, and eventually the world.”

Jack Pittis Memorial Scholarship (4-year college / university)

Amount Awarded: $2,500

Cesar 2021 Scholarship Winner

Cesar Bedolla-Hurtado
Washington State University

A Junior at Washington State University, Cesar is civil engineering student, who is currently employed by WSDOT. An honor roll student, Cesar is a member of the student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and currently serves as president. Cesar will be the first of twenty-nine grandchildren, paternal and maternal, to graduate with a degree.  Cesar is focusing on transportation and is excited work with lawmakers as well as technology to solve the problems facing our region.

When asked about why he chose civil engineering, Cesar spoke about focusing on the future of infrastructure.

“Infrastructure such as highways, bridges & tunnels, and living streets. They are designed to withstand the test of time — some are designed to stand tall against the fierce elements of nature or fit the constraints of urban sprawls. Figuring out how? That is the fun part, the puzzle-like component. Transportation requires innovating new and improved solutions that help make everyday life easier and safer for everyone. It fascinates me how the transportation sector can fit these essential structures in the tightest of spaces and ensure their structural stability. At the end of the day, I want to see the work I put in come to life, revitalizing the transportation patterns that the public follows.”


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