Construction Standards - Division 1

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Division 1 General Special Provisions (GSPs), bidding/contracting forms, and best practices, to help Local Agencies bid and administer public works projects when using the WSDOT/APWA Standard Specifications as a base.  To do that, we:

  • Learn ­– Network and gather information on Local Agency current practices, concerns, and needs; current public works procurement and administration issues; and current and pending related laws and regulations.
  • Develop tools – Develop, write, and publish GSPs that complement Division 1 of the Standard Specifications; select bidding and contracting forms, information, and checklists; and select Best Practices.  We also pursue approval of these tools for use on FHWA-funded projects.
  • Share and teach – Share pertinent and timely information and promote discussion through webinars, CAEC workshops, APWA Conference sessions, or other means.

Please contact us!  Email or call a committee co-chair with questions, comments and ideas for Local Agency GSPs, or ask to be added to our email list.

Meeting Notices

Regular committee meetings are held in January, March, May, September, and November, usually from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. Locations and dates vary. These meetings are for core committee members and invited guests. 

At each APWA-WA spring and fall conference, we hold an open committee meeting on Wednesday morning, where we encourage anyone interested to come and find out about our current activities, and offer suggestions for GSPs and public contracting forms.  You do not need to be registered for the conference to attend the committee meeting.

News Bulletins

  • New and Revised GSPs -New and revised APWA GSPs are posted here.
  • Buy America - Some confusion and questions remain, particularly related to when franchised utility work must comply with Buy America requirements.  See "Links & Resources" below for hyperlinks to FHWA FAQs and other information. 

Most Recent Meeting Notes

Local Agency Bidding/Contracting Forms and Boilerplate

Note:  These are provided "as is" for your use, developed based on best practices, laws, and regulations to the best of our ability -- but your individual agency must carefully review any form before using it.  Neither this committee nor the APWA Washington State chapter takes responsibility for your use of these forms.

  • What Makes Up Contract Documents? Chart showing the different pieces that make up Contract Documents.
  • Information/Checklist for Bidders section insert, explaining how Bid Preference Law works for determining low bidder.
  • Local Agency Payment Bond and Performance Bond – These documents follow the best practice of requiring the contractor to obtain two separate bonds for each project.  This provides the Local Agency with additional protection, at no or minimal extra cost.  MSWord versions are available on the WSDOT Electronic Forms site at Local Agency Public Works Payment Bond (Form 272-003A) and Local Agency Performance Bond (Form 272-002A).  For a discussion about using separate performance and payment bonds versus a combined bond, William Linton of Inslee Best offers some thoughts in this article.
  • Click here to check if the contractor’s surety is on the “Surety Companies Acceptable in Federal Bonds” list.

Key Committee Contributions, Training, and Outreach

Links & Resources


Buy America  (Selected available information, not necessarily complete or up to date)

CPARB -  Capital Projects Advisory Review Board

Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC)

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)

Wage Rates

Note: We suggest inserting actual State wage rates into the Bid Documents, rather than just a weblink – to reduce later confusion and argument.  Remember to also include the Benefit Code Key, and any wage rate Supplements.  If the project has federal funding, you must include actual Davis Bacon rates (not just reference).

Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)

  • National - Note: This site also has user forums anyone can participate in, where anyone can chat with others about burning issues (maybe only a member can start one). 
  • CSI MasterFormat - may require CSI membership to access


    Total Member : 17
  • Ms. Lori McFarland, PE
  • Ms. Diane Sheesley
  • Mr. Tyron D. Bardwell
  • Mrs. Aubrey S. Collier, PE, SE
  • Ms. Karissa Witthuhn, PE
  • Paki D. Perala, PE
  • Ted Hill
  • Mr. Sam Therres
  • Ms. Hillary Stibbard, PE
  • Tani Stafford
  • Mr. John Ho
  • Mr. Terry Wright, PE
  • Ms. Molly Ann Toy
  • Mrs. Kristina B. Nelson, PE
  • Ms. Susan C. Holdener
  • Christopher W. Pirnke
  • Nicole Brockwell

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