2020 Scholarship Recipients


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Thank you to the generous donors of the WA Chapter that fund the higher education scholarships. Our main fundraisers are the Spring and Fall golf tournaments which were both cancelled for 2020.

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Jack Pittis Memorial Scholarship (4-year college / university)
Amount Awarded: $7,500

Robert Hitch

Robert Hitch

2021 Seattle University Graduate

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"Transportation engineering, particularly roadway design, is my primary interest in public works. I love the universal sense to it - the idea that everyone needs to be able to move around their community. And when you improve that infrastructure, you're able to improve the lives of almost everyone. I see two big challenges coming to the public works field in the coming years: increased urban growth and poor asset management. I've seen firsthand how bad the traffic in Seattle has become over the course of my own life. And because the city is already so dense, we can't just build more roads. The solution it seems to develop sustainable alternatives that actually work for people. The city is already doing this with the expansion of light rail, and the creation of more bike lanes. And

I'm interested in being a part of that solution - continuing to develop those alternatives while also pursuing new ones such as water taxis. I think it's important for young people like myself to get involved with APWA early on because there's so many opportunities to learn from those who've been in the industry for much longer than ourselves. My primary goal is to speak at an APWA conference like PWX, on an innovative transportation solution that I can finally say I was a part of." - Robert Hitch

Higher Education Scholarship (2-year college / technical school)

Amount Awarded: $2,500

Arnulfo Aserios

Arnulfo Aserios II

2021 North Seattle College Graduate

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"Many of my Electronics classes have influenced me to pursue a career in equipment maintenance in public works. The one that stood out the most for me was the Industrial and Control Technology course that I have just completed at North Seattle College. This course covers electromagnetic, electronic control, drive devices and circuits used for starting, accelerating, stopping, reversing, and protecting AC and DC motors. It taught me how to analyze and understand the methods of controlling (starting, accelerating, stopping, reversing, protecting) AC and DC motors. To add to this, I also learned how to read electrical wiring schematics and use problem-solving methodologies to troubleshoot and find possible solutions to a malfunctioning motor control.

The reason why the course is memorable to me was that we didn’t just tackle the books and the theories, our instructor encouraged us to use analytical test equipment to evaluate and troubleshoot basic systems demonstrating the foundational concepts learned in the course. This has been an eye-opening experience for me because I learned how it is like to apply the skills I learned on the field when I interned as an Electronics Technician intern at Boeing last Summer 2019. I was fortunate enough to work and shadow the expert Boeing technicians and mechanics. I had the chance to work with different types of industrial robots used in manufacturing and can be applied to public works."- Arnulfo Aserios


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