2019 Scholarship Recipients


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Thank you to the generous donors of the WA Chapter that fund the higher education scholarships. Our main fundraisers are the Spring and Fall golf tournaments held in conjunction with the Conferences. 

Jack Pittis Memorial Scholarship (4-year college / university)
Amount Awarded: $7,500

Lacey Lackey

Lacy Rose Lackey

2021 WSU Graduate

Ms. Lackey has impressive credentials as a Junior at Washington State University. She has already presented her stormwater research at two conferences (NORM 2019, CUWiP 2019), and received recognition for having one of the best research posters. Last year she was also awarded the Chemistry Discipline Award for "outstanding academic performance and service to the <Whatcom> college" where she both researches and volunteers during the summer. During her research on the Whatcom College campus she worked with the City of Bellingham Public Works engineers on analyzing the effects of their bioremediation swale on metal and coliform concentrations in urban stormwater runoff. As urban growth continues, Ms. Lackey sees stormwater remediation as an essential component for reducing impact to aquatic life and is specifically interested in working toward water reuse through simulated wetlands. She was inspired in part by the 2015 California wildfires that caused her family to relocate to Washington State. Says Lackey, "The connection for me between water and wildfire is a simple one: if we design our infrastructure to use less water from the landscape in drier seasons... our landscape will be less impacted by drought." Ms. Lackey intends to focus on water resources design at WSU and then complete a masters degree in Biological Systems Engineering. Congratulations Lacy on your scholarship and outstanding achievement.

Higher Education Scholarship (2-year college / technical school)

Amount Awarded: $2,500

2019 Scholarship Recipient

David Kayembe Mukalamusi

2020 Bellevue College Graduate

Mr. Mukalamusi originally hails from Johannesburg, South Africa but now calls Bellevue home. Active on campus with OIE (Office of International Education), he received recognition as a Global Leader for leadership, student mentoring and organizing. He was also selected to participate in the National Science Foundations' STEM to Stern Program within Bellevue College. For Mr. Mukalamusi, two things attracted him to public works: construction and public service. Says Mukalamusi "Since I was a kid, I always hung around construction sites. At the age of 17, I even volunteered to work as a construction worker." One of the things that intrigued Mukalamusi was that no matter what state of disarray that construction site appeared to be in, it would magically organize itself. He came to realize was due to the many people who had previously worked out complex plans. As a result he is working toward a BS in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Construction Engineering. He is still considering what University he’d like to attend to finish his degree after Bellevue College, the favorites include Washington State University, Seattle University, and Arizona State.  He is constantly surprised that his peers are unaware of both what civil engineering is and what the public works field has to offer. In his view the public works professionals provided "services that are the heart and soul of a city". We couldn't agree more and congratulate David on his scholarship and outstanding commitment.


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